Spotlight on Todos Santos<br>An Ideal Day Trip

About an hour from Villas Del Mar in the resort town of Los Cabos lies the village of Todos Santos. What was once a sleepy village is now one of the most popular areas to visit when on the Baja.

Originally established as a mission in 1723 as Nuestra Señora de Pilar de Todos Santos, the town went on to prosper in the production of sugar for nearly 100 years. However, in the 1950s the sugar industry dried up thanks in large part to the shifting of the water tables which caused a substantial drought and loss of cane crops. The drought combined with the second World War caused families to flee from Todos Santos in search of opportunity elsewhere.

Today, the fertile farmlands have been re-worked and the area has been “rediscovered.” The microclimate brought about by the desert and the Sierra la Laguna mountain range has benefited the farming of Poblano chilis, avocados, papayas and mangoes, along with other organic vegetables. In addition, the birds of Todos Santos draw “Birders” from across the globe. The climate allows for a myriad of flora and fauna to flourish.

In the early 1980s, Todos Santos began to experience an influx of tourist activity thanks in large part to the paving of Mexico’s Highway 19 from La Paz through to Cabo San Lucas. It would appear that welcomed visitors had learned the great secret of this fantastic city, just like many surfers and artists and yogis had years before.

In recent years, many artisans have moved into the city making it a hub for cultural experiences on the Baja, drawing in tourists interested in experiencing the casual and rustic sensibility the emanates from the historical seaside town located on the Tropica of Cancer. In 2006 Todos Santos was selected as one of 20 “Pueblos Magicos” (Magical Towns) in Mexico. This designation is bestowed upon towns that possess historical, cultural and architectural significance.

Today, a selection of boutique hotels and incredible dining experiences draw in visitors who fall in love with the magical village just an hour away from Los Cabos. You must visit when you’re in town


A Todos Santos Favorite: Jazamango  |  Restaurant

Jazamango is a delightful culinary experience created by the Renowned Mexican Chef Javier Plascencia – inspired by the love for Baja- the cuisine is based on a mixture of local products and organic ingredients straight from the orchard; creating a unique blend of flavors and dishes that please and satisfy the senses.

Another Must:  Cafe Santa Fe  |  Restaurant 

Travel+Leisure Magazine says, “Simply the Best.” Honored by The Silver Spoon. Cafe Santa Fe in historic downtown Todos Santos has been handcrafting first-rate, authentic Italian food in a beautifully renovated 1850’s building for over 20 years.

About Todos Santos

Average Temperature: mid-70’s year-round
Miles from Cabo San Lucas: 45 miles
Municipality: La Paz
2015 Census: 6,485 people
Popular Beaches: Playa Las Palmas, Playa Los Cerritos, San Pedrito Point
Festivals: Gastrovino Festival (April), Todos Santos Music Festival (January), Todos Santos Art Festival (February), and many more!
Favorite Activities: Surfing, yoga, whale watching, fishing, whale sharks, Farm-to-table cooking classes, Mixology Classes and more!

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