Turtle Release in Villas Del Mar, Los Cabos, Mexico

The white sand beaches of Los Cabos are famed for their sport fishing and water sports, but there are also some delicate Baja inhabitants that garner much attention and care: our sea turtles.

A collection of baby sea turtles were recently hatched on the Villas Del Mar beach at Palmilla and made their way back to the Sea of Cortez in Los Cabos, Mexico. Throughout the nesting season, the beaches in San Jose del Cabo are monitored for nesting turtles. Once the turtles have laid their eggs, a team of professionals digs up the delicate nest and moves it to a safer part of the beach where it can monitored and documented and most importantly, protected.

Adult turtles nest and lay their eggs on land and the baby sea turtles, after hatching, move to the sea because they’re attracted to natural light over the horizon that reflects off the ocean’s waves.

When you’re next in town, check to see if there will be a turtle release! Until then, enjoy this file of our last one.