Let whale watching in Cabo commence!

Whales have been spotted in the Palmilla Bay in front of Villas Del Mar at Palmilla. Right on time, the migration season along the Baja peninsula lasts on average from November to April, when approximately 8 different species of whales visit local waters to calve and nurse their offspring.

Blue, gray, humpback, fine whales and more, visit the Baja as part of their yearly ritual, returning to their place of birth, to bring their own babies into this world. It’s a long and arduous journey for these creatures, but the lagoons in Baja are the perfect location for birthing.

The whales will remain near Villas Del Mar, enjoying the Pacific lagoons along the Baja coast during the next few months. The grey whales were once hunted to near extinction in the very waters they work so hard to visit. However, today they are protected in the U.S. and Mexico and it’s thought that the population is now 20k strong.

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