Financing and Cash Out Options in Mexico for Buyers and Homeowners in Mexico

After a nearly decade-long absence, financing has made its way back to Mexico. Del Mar Real Estate is pleased to work alongside Global Mortgage as they offer financing and refinancing for U.S. citizens and their purchase of Mexican real estate, complete with 15-year terms, full amortization and with the lowest rate available from an Institutional lender in Mexico.

Mexico’s all-cash market requires buyers to make large commitments when purchasing real estate which not only depletes their bank accounts but also reduces their purchasing power. Global Mortgage offers financing at 50% loan value, up to $2 million, on properties in Mexico, allowing Buyers to afford their dreams.

For those who already own a home in Mexico, there’s never been a better way to leverage the equity in their property. Global Mortgage offers refinancing for existing property owners interested in increasing their financial flexibility. What’s more, Global Mortgage offers peace of mind by including annual taxes, insurance, trust and HOA fees all within your monthly mortgage payment.

“With the Mexican second home market experiencing such rapid growth, buyers and existing homeowners need long-term financing solutions,” said Matt Hainline, CEO and Founder of Global Mortgage. “We are here to help both buyers and current homeowners.”

Global Mortgage enables U.S. Citizens to increase their buying power as well as using their existing Mexican property’s value to leverage cash out for re-investment, paying down U.S. based assets and other purposes.

The Global Mortgage team is headquartered in San Jose del Cabo. Their 10-person staff has extensive industry experience who provide unparalleled customer service to borrowers, specializing in dedicated, one on one interaction to help the borrower through the loan process; from pre-approval to closing.

For more information or to find out how Global Mortgage may fit for you, reach out to your Del Mar Real Estate Team Member or email

Home listed above is Entrada 63. Currently listed with Del Mar Real Estate.


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