Did you know? Frequently Asked Questions about Del Mar Real Estate

Q: What is the average days on market for Del Mar Real Estate (DMRE) listings?
A: DMRE: 161 days on Market  | Our competitor: 464*


Q: What is the average price per square foot of homes sold by DMRE?

A: DMRE $961.41  | Our competitor: $628.33*


Q: What is the average sales price of properties sold by DMRE?

A: DMRE: $4,356,529.41  | Our competitor: $2,110,651.18*


Q: What is the average price variation percentage from listed price and sold price?
A: DMRE: 3%  | Our competitor:  16%


Q: Can local Los-Cabos agents or brokers tour potential buyers throughout the Del Mar amenities, including Club Ninety Six and Club Espiritu?

A: No. Currently, the policy from Villas Del Mar maintains that only DMRE agents be permitted to enter the exclusive Del Mar amenities for the purpose of touring buyers.  This is beneficial to our sellers because the amenities are an integral part of our community and the ability to show them to Buyers will impact the sale of your home.


Q: How do local brokers tour potential buyers through the Del Mar Amenities?

A: Local agents must contact and work with a DMRE Sales Team member to tour the amenities with their clients. It makes sense to work directly with a DMRE Sales Team member from the beginning.


Q: What does DMRE do to promote your property to local brokerages, brokers and agents?

A: DMRE is the only brokerage in Los Cabos to offer two annual cash-based incentives encouraging the local brokerage community to tour clients within the community.


Q: Does Del Mar Real Estate (DMRE)  represent developments outside of Palmilla?

A: No. DMRE is focused on properties within Palmilla, including Villas Del Mar, Espiritu, Palmilla Cove and more. DMRE does not receive commission incentives for selling in other communities, as some brokerages do. This is beneficial to our Sellers because we never promote outside listings to our Buyers. (Some exceptions apply.)


Q: Who are the DMRE Sales Team Members?

A: The DMRE Sales Team members are comprised of Michael Baldwin, Andrea Geisler, Craig Broughton and Mona Kochaver. Bruno and Robyn Bezjak represent Del Mar Development from Vancouver, BC and Los Cabos.

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Q: Where can I find DMRE?
A. We are located above Club Ninety Six, within Villas Del Mar. You can also find us at our Model home, Villas at La Montaña 707, the One&Only Palmilla and at the Chedraui Selecto grocery store at the entrance of San Jose del Cabo.


Q: How can I learn how DMRE would market my property?
A. Contact one of our sales team members today for a complete property comparative analysis and more information about buying and selling with Del Mar Real Estate.

Ultimately, Del Mar Real Estate brings high-end buyers and sells properties faster than our competitor while respecting your property’s value.

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*Statistics were averaged from public MLS information.