RIMA Design Group Unveils Renovation in Espiritu

Recently Gerry Rivero and his team at RIMA Design and Build firm welcomed the community to a private event within the gates of Espiritu del Mar. On display was the exceptional renovation of Espiritu 69 by the RIMA team.

Guests walked through the recently completed home exhibiting the contemporary and transitional style that RIMA is known for. In addition, plans and renderings were presented on future and current work focusing on 4 various Villa types.

Located in Los Cabos, RIMA’s philosophy is simple: complete involvement and total transparency. Their team of architects, designers, engineers and administrators work hand-in-hand with clients and with one another throughout the entire process; from start to completion.

RIMA provides architectural design, landscape design and also interior design, along with construction services, general oversight and consulting.

For more information on RIMA Design, visit RIMAdesigngroup.com or contact Gerry Rivero directly at Gerry@rimadesigngroup.com. Follow RIMA on Instagram at @rima_collective.

Photo Credit: Rafael Gamo | Interior Decor: Balke and Associates