Spotlight on Chef Rodrigo Bueno <br>Executive Chef at Villas Del Mar

Chef Rodrigo BuenoWe recently sat down with the Executive Chef of Villas Del Mar, Rodrigo Bueno. Originally from Mexico City, Chef Bueno is an accomplished and award-winning culinary master who has been surrounded by myriad appetizing influences since he was a child.

“Living in Mexico City I was fortunate because my parents exposed me to different types of cuisine,” said Chef Bueno. “In hindsight, I can see that my adventurous tastes developed in Mexico City and grew and matured in various countries all over the world.”

Traveling the globe has shaped Chef’s multi-faceted food point of view which he describes as international and full of flavor and love. “I travel to eat,” Chef Bueno said. “I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to dine my way through Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, along with experience in Asia, the Caribbean, and the U.S. – enjoying the dishes of each culture is both thrilling and exciting.”

After he enjoys the various dishes, Chef’s true passion lies in the re-creation. “If I try a couscous in Morocco, I cannot wait to get home to re-construct it,” he says. In the same way that musicians play tunes “by ear”, Chef Bueno can create by taste.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be here at Club Ninety Six and Villas Del Mar where I have access to incredible, fresh and organic ingredients.” In fact, the majority of Chef’s ingredients come from local markets and providers here in San Jose del Cabo or Miraflores.

Whether it be an intimate dinner on the beach or a more elaborate entertaining affair, Chef Bueno shines when he is able to create a true culinary experience. Whether in a private home within the gates of Villas Del Mar, Espiritu or Oasis Palmilla, or at Club Ninety Six, from tasting menus to private cooking classes, Chef welcomes all requests. “I also adamantly respect various food preferences and allergies,” said Chef Bueno. Chef welcomes kosher requests, gluten free, sugar free, etc., all the while giving respect to various food allergies. Rest assured your dining experience will be upheld to the highest of standards of safety and taste.

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Chef Bueno studied at the Instituto Culinario de Mexico in Puebla and the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where he later became a professor. He has studied Thai cuisine at The Landmark Hotel in Bangkok. Most recently Chef Bueno was executive chef at the luxury boutique hotel, Rancho Pescadero near Todos Santos. Prior to that, Chef Bueno worked as Executive Sous Chef at the One&Only Palmilla.

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